About the game

From what I have seen of the game, it’s a must play for me.
Looks even better than The Silent Age which I loved.


The Research Age is a dark sci-fi, episodic adventure game that combines an exciting story with puzzles, exploration, platform sequences and small fights against evil plants.
The game, inspired by “The Silent Age” and Another World (but not only), is made thanks to volunteer and donors.


I love your project. I think it’s a great honour to be referenced like this.
It is absolutely fantastic – and weird – to see and hear something made in my own style.

Thomas Ryder The Silent Age DEVELOPER

Andrew is a technician at a company that sells and repairs vending machines. His work day was coming to an end when he received a service call from Harsh Town. He will have to work late in the evening again. It looked like just another typical night, but it wasn’t.

Andrew discovers that INPLANT is involved in a research program dealing with cross-breeding between men and plants. Moreover, someone has the intention of reducing the entire human race into slavery using a beverage…

A whistleblower scientist saved all of the evidence onto a hard drive, which is now lost.  Andrew’s quest begins…



I recently saw that you can interact with Sonic Mania 2 and with The Silent Age 2 arcade cabinet. Awesome.

G. C. PLAY STORE review

The game is available now in two edition: FREE and DELUXE.

As of now, the game include Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Extra Chapters will be released as we have enough fund!

Game editions

The Research Age FREE
The Research Age DELUXE


Chapter SIX will be released on when we have enough fund to develop it.
To help us in the development of the game, if you appreciate the project, please valuate to make a donation, even small. You can do this with PAYPAL system. Thank you!

  • First of all, you will have the Deluxe Edition of the game for both PLAT STORE (Android) and STEAM (PC Windows).
  • Your name will be on the game credits screen and on the official website.
  • You will also contribute to the realization of the game that without funds will soon become vaporware — in other words, an unfinished work.

No. But let’s consider these key points:

  • The game is inspired by and has some authorized references to it.
  • The Research Age is based on anecdotes by Thomas Ryder (The Silent Age’s designer and music composer), shown in an unedited Making of The Silent Age video on our YouTube Channel, watch it here!
  • I’m also in contact with the creative team of The Silent Age: Thomas Ryder, Uni Dahl and Linda Randazzo and they are excited about our project. But I’m not affiliated with House On Fire.

We’d like to. For now, the priority is to finish the game for Android and release it for STEAM (PC Windows).

Because this is “once in a lifetime” project and I love transparency. The development will continue through years till this game will became once of the beautiest adventure ever created. Thanks to gamers and game enthusiast backers.

  • In the Deluxe Edition you’ll be able to unlock all the Chapters with one touch.
  • In the Free Edition you can play only four main story’s Chapters. Chapter 4 is a temporary exclusive of TRA DELUXE. The last Chapter of the main story is exclusive for the DELUXE edition. FREE user can only see the end of the game and some screenshot of it without being able to play it (Chapter 5).
  • Instead in the Deluxe Edition you can play ALL Chapters!
  • In the Deluxe Edition your device will vibrate when you’re being hit!
  • In the Deluxe Edition you can activate an option called “Immersive Mode” to hide left/right button and add semi-transparency to other button for a more moody and The Silent Age-like experience!